Essential Oil Organisers

Sewing / Thursday, November 15th, 2018

I have just finished some Essential Oil organisers and they will go out to three different testers this weekend.  I am looking forward to the feedback which will help me to make something practical for all Essential Oil users.

For now I am focusing on a small bag and a storage roll-up “strip”.  The small bag could take about ten (or more) small bottles and the roll-up strip about 15.  The bag has a zip closure and a line of elastic sewn into the insides of the bag.  EO bottles can then be secured using the elastic.  The strip is a  long rectangle with elastic also with spaces for bottles.  The whole strip can then be rolled up, fastened with another elastic attached to the strip and put into your handbag.

Both the handbag and the strip is padded.

At a later stage I will make a larger organiser for 20 or more bottles.

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